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Lead UX Designer at Scalable Path

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September 30, 2020

Lead UX Designer at Scalable Path

Lead UX Designer at Scalable Path
Full Remote
50000 US Dollar - 100000 US Dollar
Bachelor or Master

Job Details

Job description

Scalable Path is looking for a Lead UX Designer to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, part-time position (approximately 4 hours/day) but we are open to full-time as well.

The pay rate for this role is from $40 - $130 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.

The client is a software company that makes a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the oil and gas industry.

The client currently has a PWA that is used on multiple devices (desktop, tablet, and phone) and is interested in doing a full redesign. The existing application was smaller initially and has had many new features added to it over time, which has led to a less-than-optimal user experience. The client would like to keep the good existing parts of the UX, improve other existing parts, and add new features in the final design. Another motivation for the redesign is that they are considering moving to React Native in order to improve GPS tracking reliability.

Your first responsibility will be to develop a process that will ultimately result in a high quality redesigned application. We are not simply looking for a designer who can take information and create beautiful/functional designs. In fact, it may not be you who actually implements all aspects of the design process. Some of the elements of the design process we are imagining are:
- Understanding the current application and its stakeholders
- Designing stakeholder interviews and/or questionnaires
- Creating key user personas
- Documenting requirements
- Wireframing
- Creating high-fidelity, final designs to be developed

The most important responsibility is the creation of a robust design process, but it is assumed that you will also execute much of the process yourself. The client does have an existing designer on their team who can help with creating the final designs for all of the pages but needs guidance with the high-level strategy, information architecture, and UX.

- CEO (Future vision of the application | Experienced User | Experienced in Oil & Gas Sector | Foreman)
- Director of Technology (Knowledgeable about the limitations with the current system and some of the current pitfalls they want to avoid | Understands the Data and the technical aspects of the program)
- Pro User / Chief Trainer (Has used the application for years | Understands the application fully)
- Onboarding Specialist (Understands the needs the software needs to achieve from a business perspective)
- Designer (existing team member who has designed much of the existing app, but could use more senior high-level guidance)
- Dev Team (2 software developers currently working on the project)
- Many users of the program for study and for reference if needed The client is in the America/Edmonton (-06:00) MDT time zone.

- Excellent English communication skills
- Leadership and project management experience
- Ability to create a UX design process that can integrate and accommodate the different concerns of all stakeholders.
- Understands human-computer interaction and follows best practices when designing software solutions
- Has a process of validating usability concerns and selecting validated solutions
- Experience creating clear wireframes with annotations
- Ability to deliver final designs in an easy-to-use and reliable format (such as Figma or Zeplin)
- Proven track record of designing both web applications and native applications used by multiple user types
- Understands big data and relationships with data
- Experience with designing applications that run on multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)

As soon as possible.

2 to 6 Months

We designated this position as "part-time" to indicate flexibility, but are open to someone working full-time if they have the time available.

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