Gameplay Programming Freelancer [UE4]

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January 19, 2020

Gameplay Programming Freelancer [UE4]

Gameplay Programming Freelancer [UE4]
Full Remote
Bachelor or Master

Job Details


Rivers and Wine Studios are working on their upcoming title Upside Drown, a game with a strong focus on emotions and story.

Upside Drown won 3 awards for best concept already and early concepts of the game could be playtested on several occasions before. Now the team is taking a step back from the public and focusing on developing the game.

For Upside Drown and future projects, Rivers and Wine Studios are looking for skilled and enthusiastic individuals, who are looking for a challenging job at one of the most striving games studios in Germany.

Become part of the team behind Upside Drown and bring in your opinion and preferences.


About the role

As Gameplay Programming Freelancer, you are implementing features designed by Game Design and prepare tools for easy and quick integration by Level Designers.
Furthermore, you are responsible for all kinds of optimization (performance/bugs) on the system level.

This freelance job is intended for a duration of 8 months.

Job responsibilities

  • Development of mechanics, features and tools for Game Design & Level Design
  • Documentation of Gameplay mechanics, features and tools
  • Performance profiling and optimization
  • Investigation and fixing of bugs


  • Deep knowledge of Unreal Engine 4
  • Strong knowledge of Unreal blueprints
  • Strong knowledge of C++
  • Organized and structured work-style in code and blueprints
  • Experience in writing complex systems with easy interfaces for integration and tweaking
  • Understanding of user-friendly design for tools and systems
  • Capable of quickly finding and fixing reported bugs
  • Openness to learning and teaching skills
  • Ability to work on given feature-sets
  • The studio language is English


  • Experience with Animation integration in Unreal
  • Experience with working in game engine code

About the company

Rivers and Wine Studios was founded in October 2019 in Cologne. We are aiming for high-quality game productions with a strong focus on content for unique and new IPs.
For that, we take on a creative and artistic approach, to create worlds that can be filled with stories, games, meaning and emotions.

With around 10 employees we focus on the core production and development, outsourcing additional work to other studios and freelancers.

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